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The 411 on using &BAM

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The 411 on using &BAM

Find out how we’re simplifying men’s hair loss.

Take a moment to think about how often you notice someone that has thinning hair, a receding hairline or a kaal kop. Are you thinking about the man in the mirror? Trust us, we’ve been there. Reaching the point of no return on your hair loss journey should no longer be an option when the power of modern medicine has proven that hair loss is preventable and that regrowth is possible. In this article we’re diving into the nuts and bolts of the &BAM method to give you an overview of how our system works.

So why, you may ask, are you only finding out about this solution now? Well reason number one is that, in general, men are pretty bad on the health-seeking front, particularly for things they believe are either beyond their control or are not serious enough to warrant seeing a doctor about. It’s time to turn the tide on men’s health seeking behaviour and make accessing quality health care simple and convenient.

At &BAM we believe that the future of men’s wellness hinges on a proactive approach that covers everything from physical & mental health, sexual wellbeing and aesthetics. Our vision is to be able to provide men with solutions to service all of their wellness needs. Today, we’ve made it easy to get a grip on your hair loss by creating an easily accessible, professional, and fully digitalised process to get those follicles flourishing and lengthening those luscious locks.

The &BAM method follows a simple 6-step process:

  1. Complete Our Online Consultation

Tell us about your hair loss journey, lifestyle, and medical history. This helps our doctors ensure there are no health concerns or medical reasons that may prevent you from using the &BAM treatment. The questionnaire should take about 15 – 20 minutes and is 100% confidential, meaning nobody besides our doctors will view your answers.

  1. Purchase

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, our system will recommend a treatment and will prompt you to complete the process by subscribing to the recommended treatment – and we let you choose if you want to be charged monthly or quarterly. We use a subscription-based service to ensure you receive a continuous and regular supply of treatment – when it comes to treating hair loss consistency is absolutely key to achieving a good outcome. Stopping treatment for even a short period of time can result in an increase in hair shedding and all your hard-earned gains will be lost. We’ll always look out for you like that to ensure there’s no break in your hair care. If you decide you no longer want to use our services you can cancel at any time.*

3. Doctor Review

Once you’ve subscribed, one of our doctors will then review your questionnaire and confirm that the system-recommended &BAM product is right for you. Our doctor will then reach out to either confirm the treatment for you or to arrange a free telehealth consult to discuss alternate treatment options with you if they have concerns regarding your questionnaire or believe you may not be suitable for the &BAM method. If you are found to be unsuitable for the &BAM method you’ll be fully refunded within 24 hours. And if you have any further questions or concerns that we can’t answer, we’ll also schedule you a digital consult with one of our doctors.

4. Scripting, Formulation and Packaging

Once one of our doctors has reviewed your questionnaire, reached out and confirmed the treatment choice with you, they will submit your prescription (if required) directly to our compounding pharmacy for your personalised treatment to be formulated, issued and packaged. This takes approximately 3 business days to complete.

5. Delivery

We will then ship you 3 months’ worth of treatment at a time (regardless of whether you chose to be billed monthly or quarterly). Your treatment will be shipped to your door and delivery will be repeated every 3 months (on or around the date you first placed your order) until you’re due for follow up and/or a new prescription from our doctor.

6. Ongoing Care

Our doctors will recommend a follow-up plan based on your baseline health and medical history to ensure that our treatment continues to be the right method for you and to adjust it in accordance with any new or evolving health concerns that may occur during the treatment process. Any questions or concerns? No problem. Our doctors are always happy to answer your questions.


Important aspects of care:

Managing Expectations

When it comes to understanding your hair loss journey and the treatment process it’s really important to know what to expect with respect to how quickly you’re likely to start seeing results as well as the level of improvement in your hair growth to anticipate.

Tortoise, not the hare

First and foremost, proactive and consistent use of the &BAM method treatment is key. There are no silver bullets when it comes to treating hair loss and anybody promising you a quick-fix (outside of a hair transplant) is likely one of the proverbial snake-oil salesmen the hair loss industry is rife with. Like the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race and a minimum treatment period of 6 – 12 months should be anticipated by anyone wishing to see concrete results.

1 – 3 months: Slow It

There will likely be no visible change. If you experience slightly more shedding than usual, this is normal and only temporary. Be patient dude, this is only the beginning of the battle.

3 – 6 months: Regrow It

You should begin to see visible improvements. Hair loss should have slowed or stopped. Don't forget to track your progress. Pics or it didn't happen.

6 months and beyond: Own It

You should start seeing solid signs of regrowth. We here at &BAM have dubbed this time the growth acceleration phase which will last for a variable amount of time depending on a number of factors (genetics, lifestyle habits, stress levels, medical conditions etc). Hair loss should have stopped. Continue daily treatment to maintain and maximize results. Hair there, good to see ya!

Feel like you could use a helping hand with your hair loss? Take our free online hair consult, which will be reviewed by a medical doctor and is 100% confidential.

 *If you’re cancelling, have chosen to be billed monthly, and have just received a 3-month kit you will be billed until the 3-month supply is fully paid for (i.e. charged for month 1, month 2 and month 3) before the subscription is cancelled.

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